Home Theater

Imagine being surrounded by the action in your favorite movie or or being swept away to a distant time or place! We have years of experience in making that happen for our clients in their very own home. Our expert design team will guide you through transforming your space into a beautiful home theater.

home-theater-pasadena RM.jpg


Make everything look amazing! Video displays have a lot to offer these days. Quality images no matter the content source is what we all strive for. Our sales team focuses on finding the best quality for value so we can share it with you.



Ever wonder how and why music can captivate you in a second? Sound matters to our unique ear! The speaker range we carry is all about finding the sound that appeals to you. Ready to have a listen?!


Acoustic treatment

It's all about the vibes! The way each rooms acoustic vibrations travel effect us in an instant. We have all walked in a room that feels dull and lifeless or too loud and harsh. Acoustic treatment can make a loud room feel softer and a dull room full of life!